A Poem For National Paddling Week

National Paddling Week Poem by by Sophie Kaufmanis

Calling all mothers and fathers and sons,
Daughters and lawyers and especially nuns,
Get your paddles at the ready and your wetsuits looking chic,
For it’s soon to be National Paddle Week!
The next time the blue sky lights up a day
Or the clouds, with their rain, weep the morning away
You can be there to watch it all from your canoe,
Your kayak, or even your stand-up paddleboard too!

It’s your bonding time with nature, an activity with your kids,
A time for profound life reflection, overwhelming bliss,
And in a lake or ocean you can watch your bad days
Dissolving like raindrops in your paddleboard’s wake

But don’t forget your good whistle when you head out to sea
And always make sure to securely fasten up your PFD.
Those are only two examples of safety at its best--
But join a paddle club in town and you can learn the rest!

Happy National Paddle Week!



Adele Colby

Great Sophie, thanks, and Dragonboats too!

June 7, 2013, 4:57 PM
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