Event Support

Welcome to the support section for people planning events around National Paddling Week.

Paddle Event Planners

Please remember, National Paddling Week can assist you by providing advice and tools, however, we are not event organisers, funding providers or project implementers.

If you want to hold a "how to" workshop, certified Paddle Canada instructors can provide not only the expertise, but the insurance for their participants. In some cases equipment would also be available.

Should you wish to contact a local Paddle Canada Instructor to lead a class/course for your group or as part of your larger event. paddlecanada.com and under the courses menue, select your discipline (type of boat), and look at the bottom link in the menu for instructor for hire.

If this is too complicated contact [email protected], let us know who you are, what you want and when you want it.

How To

We hope you will find this to be a one-stop collection of pdf resources to assist you in planning and managing all sizes of events. Templates, samples and suggestions are here for events of all shapes and sizes from "planning the day" to "grant-writing and perparation".  All of this is yours to use at no cost. Whether you are a Paddle Canada Member or not. If you find Paddle Canada and/or these resources helpful, we hope you will consider becoming a member of the organization that supports National Paddling Week.

Sample Development Plan

Sample Event Income Stream

Sample Event Planning Basics

Sample Event Timeline Sample

Sample Marketing Plan 2013

Sample Vendor Agreement


Sample Sponsorship Planning

Sample Sustainability Template

Sample Work Plan


There are great online sites such as http://eventplannersassociation.typepad.com/ to answer most questions for growing events.


Good luck, and remember to list your events on our calendar!