Events Calendar

Canadian Paddling Events may be listed on this calender year round with a specific emphasis on National Paddling Week June.

Who can post their event?

Individual paddlers, Paddle Canada members, community clubs, groups, organizations, schools and/or industry related to paddlesports offering skill and sport development programs.

Events which are not primarily focused on paddling will not be posted.

Events must support and promote safe paddling standards. Pfds and Life jackets must be worn in photos posted.

What is a primary paddle focused event?

A workshop, festival and/or event which fosters increased access, awareness and exposure to paddle sports & their benefits to individuals and/or communities.

What will National Paddling Week try to do for your event?

National Paddling Week will provide free to events: Web / social media based outreached and advertising. Support documents re event organization, safety, advertising templates, medias plan and press templates will be available for your download and adaptation.

We are not a funding body, and support materials are available while supplies last.


Are you a Paddle Canada Member Looking for extra publicity for your event? 

Event Promoters seeking to spread the word, should forward any links or brief descriptions of their events / workshops / courses that are running specifically for National Paddling Week to Kanawa ([email protected]) for possible publication. Kanawa would like to include as many events operated by PC members as possible. If you have a URL link or a description, please include it in a reply message to: [email protected]  Also a reminder: if you are doing an event, please register it on the National Paddling Week website:"

On behalf of Josephine Matayas, Editor Kanawa, and Adrian Camara Media Co-ordinator