Welcome to National Paddling Week 2013

Saturday, June 15 to Sunday, June 23, 2020

What are we celebrating?

A national celebration of paddling craft, sport and heritage!

How are we celebrating?

By encouraging community based paddle related events during the specified time period for NPW. Paddle Canada will offer non-monetary support such as umbrell promotions and on line event planning management resources for events and/or projects hosted by any number of community based sanctioned and non sanctioned/partners across Canada during the specified time line.

Who will host these events?

Paddle Canada members in each area or community may host an event

Community clubs, groups, organizations and/or individual community members are welcome to host events independently and post on the shared calendar.

Who will benefit from these events?

Community based increased access, awareness and exposure to paddle sports & their benefits. The paddling community, certified instructors and paddling partners will benefit from the increased public interest in paddle sports, general publicity and access to potential new members.

What dose the umbrella organization/partnership offer?

Free to events: Web / social media based outreached and advertising Support documents re event organization and safety On line access to advertising templates, medias plan and press templates.

Money matters - who is paying for what?

Events and their related expenses are the responsibility of the hosts and as such, budget will reflect the monetary commitment of those hosts.

Is anyone making a profit?

Events may choose to charge fees or admissions as they see fit. Many events will run at cost, by donation or be held for free.

*Paddle Canada Instructors/members may charge the standard fees minus the transfer (administration funds) which are normally sent to Paddle Canada who absorb this loss as an in-kind donation to the event.