Events Calendar

Canadian Paddling Events may be listed on this calander year round with a specific emphasis on National Paddling Week June 15 - 23, 2013.

Who can post their event?

Paddle Canada members, Community clubs, groups, organizations and/or individual community members are welcome to post their events on the shared calendar.

Events which are not primarily focused on paddlng will not be posted.

Events must support and promote safe paddling standards.

What is a primary paddle focused event?

A workshop, festival and/or event which fosters increased access, awareness and exposure to paddle sports & their benefits to individuals and/or communities.

What will National Paddling Week try to do for your event?

National Paddling Week will provide free to events: Web / social media based outreached and advertising. Support documents re event organization, safety, advertising templates, medias plan and press templates will be available for your download and adaptation.